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Upland Estates By-Laws

Our goal is to provide a comfortable and enjoyable home for our tenants. In order to accomplish this goal, we ask that tenants adhere to certain conditions. These rules are for the benefit of the tenants and help to provide a mutual understanding between tenants and the landlord. Respect for neighbors and property will ensure a safe and welcoming place to call home. These rules will be enforced as required.


Decks and patios that are kept neat and tidy make the property look warm and inviting. For this reason, we urge you not to store things on your deck and patio nor use them for drying clothes.
Please do not use salt as a de-icer as it will damage the concrete walkways. Calcium chloride is a good deicer The landlord will not be responsible for any injuries caused by slippery conditions.
Tenants on the second floor are asked to refrain from running up and down the stairs as this causes noise and vibration in the main floor units. (Back to Top)


The tenant will be liable for any bank fees for rent cheques that are returned as "NSF" or other reasons.
Security deposits will be held by the Office of the Rentalsman, and under no circumstances will the security deposit be deducted from the last month's rent.
It is recommended that tenants purchase a "tenant's insurance policy" to insure that their personal belongings are protected. The insurance policy carried by the landlord covers the property only, and not the contents of the apartments. (Back to Top)


Garbage collection will take place on Mondays and Thursdays. Please ensure that all garbage is well secured in strong plastic bags, and placed in the designated garbage collection area. We ask that you do not leave garbage on your deck or patio. (Back to Top)


Proper care of all supplied appliances is expected. Please do not use harsh, abrasive cleaners on appliances and plumbing fixtures.
Tenants will be held responsible for all damages to the apartment and its contents. When hanging pictures or objects on the walls, please use only small nails, picture hanging hooks or thumb tacks. Please do not use adhesive of any kind, as they will damage the walls when they are removed.
Please feel free to decorate your home as you wish, provided that any decorations can be removed without causing any damage.
Painting by the tenants is not permitted. Please advise us if your apartment needs painting.
Some types of candle wax and lamp oils produce a smoke that leaves a black film on walls, ceilings and cupboards. If this is the case, the tenants will be responsible for cleaning these areas before leaving.
Small floor mats with a rubber backing cause a discoloration of cushion flooring. Please do not use rubber-backed floor mats without putting them on a liner. (Back to Top)


By order of the Fire Marshall, and for the protection of all tenants, the landlord will enforce a "No Parking" policy in the entrance to the parking lot. Any vehicle parked in a non-designated parking area will be removed at the owners' expense.
Please ensure that your vehicle does not obstruct snow-cleaning equipment. We will make every effort to clean the parking lots as quickly as possible during and after snowstorms. Your cooperation will be required to move your vehicle accordingly.
Heavy industrial trucks, campers, RVs boats, snowmobiles, ATV's, utility trailers are not permitted on the premises. No exceptions will be made. (Back to Top)


The premises are to be occupied only by the "contracted" tenant. We pride ourselves in knowing all of our tenants. If someone new is to move in, please contact us so that we can interview him or her and review our policies with them. This will avoid any misunderstandings.
No pets or visiting pets are allowed in the buildings. This is to ensure a clean, quiet and safe area. (Back to Top)


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